ABOUT Kind Pals

Reminding kids that they are SPECIAL, LOVED, and ONE OF A KIND! 

FUN & EDUCATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT for KIDS! Kind Pals is hosted by award-winning children's music artist Kendra Kind (Kendra K Music) and takes kids on exciting adventures full of upbeat music and positive learning. Kids will meet fun friends along the way all while learning about colors, shapes, animals, music instruments, healthy living, exercising, positive self-esteem, dancing, singing, and garnering creativity and imagination. Above all, the ongoing theme in each video is being kind to others and to oneself.

UPDATE! Due to COVID19 and not having access and the ability to shoot what is needed, Kind Pals is unable to make Kind Pals videos and episodes until a later date. Please visit soon for updates! 

ABOUT Kendra Kind

Kendra K is an award-winning music artist with a passion for educating and entertaining children. She is a seasoned and versatile singer, songwriter, producer, pianist and violinist, who has been actively involved with performing and recording music since she was a young child. Kendra K's catchy pop songs mixed with her easy-listening vocals and sweet harmonies are a perfect combination, making her music a favorite for both kids and the young-at-heart. 


In addition to creating music, Kendra K is mom, a children's book author, and an avid philanthropist for children’s health and well-being. She is a former teacher (Bachelors of Science Degree in Education from University of Arizona), and carries certifications as a Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Kid's Nutrition Specialist.

Kendra K’s new album, Songs for Healthy Mind and Body, combines her love of music with her love of inspiring children. She carries out her mission of empowering, educating, entertaining, and creating a more positive future through her music, music videos, and other media. 

For more about Kendra and her children's music, please go to: www.KendraKmusic.com

2020 Akademia Music Awards Winner

2019 Hollywood Music in Media Awards Winner

2019 Family Choice Award Winner

2019 Global Music Awards Winner

2018 Parents' Choice Award Winner

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